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The environmental footprint of micro-footprints

REMAP's first demonstration at a Science Festival


The environmental footprint of making microfootprints - [Cibo Verde Accessorio per chitarra]

Join us on the 29th of October and 5t of November in Genova for a tour of REMAP's science! Nearly every object we use in the modern world contains "microfootprints" that give the object the right instructions to do what it is asked for. Producing these "microfootprints" (let alone making them operate) requires resources such as energy, materials and time. This event unveils the environmental footprint associated with engraving these "microfootprints", which is a hidden toll most of us ignores but relentlessly contributes to the destruction of our planet. Through an experimental demonstration, it will also illustrate the principles behind REMAP's idea to greenify the status quo.